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About that post on The Mary Sue...


I came to realize a while ago The Mary Sue is held to a very high standard. Both in terms of how we cover things and present ourselves but also in the eyes of our readers. I also came to realize once becoming the Editor in Chief that those standards were daunting and incredibly difficult to live…

Thanks Jill. Your words mean a lot. Hopefully the site learns from this situation and improves its handling of such issues in the future.

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DC Comics Debuts First Ever Female Creators Panel at NYCC


Yesterday the list of panels at NYCC was released and, low and behold, there was a panel that has been 75 years in the making:

Get an inside look at some of the amazing work from DCE’s female creatives at the “Women Of DC Entertainment” panel which will include JOKER’S DAUGHTER writer…

Bout time!

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It takes less than 30 seconds and less than 10 clicks to do all 4 links…PLEASE help dogs and cats in shelters!!



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I’m not saying anybody HAS to do this, but it IS quick and easy. :) 

This is legit, help out some needy animals!

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~And they lived happily ever after~

This was really dumb and a lot of fun to draw :D


Now that’s a happy ending heck yeah

Love it!

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Kiruna IF plays Division 1 hockey in Sweden, two levels down from the Elite League. Until recently, their colours have been red and white — pretty standard hockey apparel there. But the new jerseys will feature red in the collar only. After that, it’s diagonal stripes of orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Kiruna IF plays Division 1 hockey in Sweden, two levels down from the Elite League. Until recently, their colours have been red and white — pretty standard hockey apparel there. But the new jerseys will feature red in the collar only. After that, it’s diagonal stripes of orange, yellow, green, and blue.

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So yesterday was a pretty tough day for me as a comic book nerd. After 15 years of collecting, I decided that I just couldn’t go on buying single issues. I gave up on the DC’s New 52 many, many months ago, but I had switched over to Marvel and Image and was enjoying a lot of their stuff. But when I looked at my stacks of long boxes recently, I just didn’t know what I was doing, holding on to all these comics (almost 5000 in total).

 So I gritted my teeth and decided to sell everything and quit buying single issue comics, cold turkey. I placed an ad looking to sell the entire collection in one shot, because I couldn’t be bothered to sell it off piece by piece. Luckily a local comic shop offered to buy everything but at a 1/4 of what I thought the books were worth. But I just wanted a clean slate, so I took the offer.

 I will admit that it was a ton of work to drag 16 long boxes and 5 short boxes upstairs from my basement and into my car. I worked up quite a sweat, but there were quite a few tears mixed in there as well.

 It’s sad that my comic buying days are done. I had some fun times hunting through the back issues of various comic shops around the world, trying to find the missing issues for one series or another. But storage space became an issue, and I am more likely to re-read a trade or graphic novel than I am to open up bagged/boarded single issues. So I will still pop by the LCS and pick up some trades from time to time. But for a collector at heart like me, yesterday was the end of a very significant part of my life and I’m still trying to process what it means to no longer have a comic book collection.

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[I will be updating this posts with screenshots from the Black Milk Social Media team. I have been banned from posting on their Facebook page. This was originally posted on my personal Facebook page.]

Black Milk Clothing, here’s the thing:

WHO: Lo. One of your employees, authorized to post to…

Why can’t this company just own up to their mistake. They accidentally offended a portion of their customer base. If they had just said “sorry, our bad”, I’m sure fans of the company would have accepted it and moved on. But the staff’s decision to start censoring non-abusive, but negative comments and ban people is heavy handed. Not going to win over very many new fans with tactics like that.

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Defending Female Reporters

So, I’m watching hockey on a Saturday for the first time in forever. With the NHL playoffs about the start and my beloved Sabres eliminated again, I wanted to get primed for one of the most anticipated first round match-ups: Montreal vs Toronto.  Of course, since it’s Hockey Night in Canada, the first intermission of the game is highlighted (?) by the latest installment of Coach’s Corner.  Now it’s been years and years since I’ve paid any real attention to what Don Cherry says on his weekly soap box performance. He’s a ratings magnet and that’s pretty much why CBC keeps him around.

His usual blustering is pretty mundane: the linesmen need to drop the puck already, icing is going to kill somebody, Ontario boys are the best.  And he is forever supporting the military, police and fire departments around the country. 

But every now and then he does what the kids call an Epic Fail. In the past he has railed against Europeans, Francophones, and liberal minded people in general. But in tonight’s telecast he decided to air his beliefs on female reporters. Coming to the defense of a player (Duncan Keith) who had a heated (marginally) exchange with a female reporter after a recent loss. Her gender was never really denigrated, instead Keith emphasized the fact that she (like many male reporters) probably doesn’t even play hockey. It was a little blown out of proportion, but everyone had moved on without any hard feelings.

Then Mr. Cherry decides to weight in with the perfect answer - Keep female reporters out of male locker rooms!  Wow. Just Wow.  Look, I’m not surprised that such a thing came out of the mouth of a 79 year old, conservative, old school hockey type. In fact, I would probably be surprised if he espoused any kind of progressive thoughts on any number of subjects. It’s just that I’m surprised that in 2013 that the CBC still endorses and even celebrates this kind of thinking. The CBC employs a considerable number of female reporters and you have to wonder just how they feel about taking this kind of crap from a guy in crazy suits and who makes 10 times what they make.

Many people have already criticized his comments on twitter and in blog posts.  And rightly so. When people say stupid stuff they have to be called on it. Nobody is saying he isn’t entitled to his opinion. Not at all. But he has to be accountable for that opinion, especially if its one that implies that women should be prevented from doing certain types of work, because they’re “Special”.

I’ll admit, Don’s been entertaining to watch over the years. But for me, there have been way to many “What the Hell?” moments and it might be time for him to make a somewhat graceful exit while he still can. Hockey no longer uses black and white telecasts, no longer uses wooden sticks, no longer uses maskless goalies, maybe it no longer has a use for Coach’s Corner.  I certainly don’t miss it when I’m watching games on TSN or Sportsnet.  Just sayin….

My wife’s version of the #doncherryfail meme

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Admittedly, that is one awesome balloon!

Admittedly, that is one awesome balloon!

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Happy Valentine&#8217;s day to my princess!!  Love you honey!!

Happy Valentine’s day to my princess!!  Love you honey!!